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Ileana D’Cruz dress in a transparent outfit

Ileana D’Cruz is still in the spotlight more for her looks than for her acting. The actress recently published a photo of herself wearing transparent clothing that has gone viral.

New Delhi: Ileana D’Cruz is more famous for her body dressage than for her acting. Every day, she dresses in such a way that people are enamoured with her appearance. Ileana, who was dressed in transparent clothing at the moment, shared a photo that went viral on social media.

Ileana D’Cruz The seaside wears transparent clothing.

Looking at the background of this photo, it appears that it was taken in the Maldives. The actress is dressed in a white bikini with a black coloured log shrug over it in the photograph. The actress’s bikini is readily visible through her transparent shrug.

Ileana D’Cruz poses on top of a wooden home built over the sea in this photograph. The actress is also wearing black goggles in the photo. In which the actress appears to be having a great time in the sun.

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