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Ibrahim Ali Khan and rumoured girlfriend Palak Tiwari ended things

When Ibrahim Ali Khan, son of Saif Ali Khan, and Palak Tiwari were sighted together a few days ago, netizens were quick to pronounce them to be dating. The two had supposedly left a restaurant in Mumbai together and afterwards climbed into the same car; it was then that the media captured the duo and shot many images of the two together. Palak can be seen shielding her face in the viral photos, while Ibrahim can be seen sitting next to her in the car. While people were seeing a hickey-like item on Ibrahim’s neck, Palak was viciously mocked on the internet for avoiding the cameras and covering her face.

While there has been a recent update on the two, an insider report claims that they have severed all relations with each other since their last public appearance and have not even contacted one other since then. It is thought that the manner Palak reacted started the developing estrangement between the two.

Another person close to Ibrahim stated that Ibrahim was not impressed with the manner Palak Tiwari was covering her face, and that it made him feel ashamed. “It was their first public encounter in a public venue, and their reaction was really juvenile.” Palak, on the other hand, felt a little ashamed after watching herself on the viral video. Palak and Ibrahim haven’t contacted one other since the viral spotting. Well, it will be quick to declare that it is over because they were just friends but had a thing for each other. But for the time being, they’ve kept their distance,” said the source.

While many assumed the two were dating, a source later disclosed that they were only good friends who were too young to be in a relationship. According to the source, the two were not on a date, but rather were out with their pals like they would with any other group of friends.

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