IBA Karachi suspends a student after a viral LGBT party video was lea**ked.

One of the students involved in the lea**ked video of an alleged LGBT party on campus that went viral on social media has been suspended from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) in Karachi. The student was suspended for a year, and another student’s access to the varsity’s facilities was revoked.

The varsity’s Student Conduct Committee ‘investigated’ the matter related to the lea**ked video on the directives of Executive Director Akbar Zaidi, according to a statement released by IBA Karachi. The incident was exposed after a lea**ked video of students holding an alleged LGBT party at the IBA Karachi Campus went viral, sparking widespread outrage on social media.

“Following the committee’s findings, one of the students involved in the matter has been suspended for one year, and the second student has been barred from entering the IBA premises for the rest of the academic year, revoking campus access, revoking hostel access, and access to any other institutional facilities and services,” the varsity said in a statement.

According to the statement, the university condemns “activity that is contrary to the institute’s norms, ethics, rules, and regulations,” and that it will “take appropriate action whenever the IBA’s Code of Conduct is violated.” Furthermore, the Executive Director has directed management to ensure that the student Code of Conduct is strictly followed.

Furthermore, IBA Karachi has halted all social and musical events on the premises until further notice, and Executive Director Zaidi has convened a meeting of the Board of Governors to update members on the situation.

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