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How to Enjoy Sex in a Heatwave

Here are some tips for having enjoyable sex during a heatwave, from specific positions to simply switching up the location.

When it’s too hot to move, having an intimate relationship with your partner may be the last thing on your mind, but libidos don’t always disappear during heatwaves.

We are here to assist you if you want to get down and dirty during these hot summer days without passing out from heat exhaustion.

So without further ado, a guide on how to perfect the art of sex in the heat, to have a fantastic whirlwind summer romance in 2022.

Try playing with the temperature

People who engage in BDSM in the bedroom frequently enjoy temperature play, which is a type of sensation play.

Using hot or cold objects on your partner’s skin is intended to heighten sensations.

In this heat wave, you probably don’t want to play with hot wax, but why not try to cool things off?

You’ll appreciate the cold because it makes your skin more sensitive and you might find that you like consensual kink play that you haven’t tried before.

If it’s safe to do so, soak sex toys in an ice bath for ten minutes before engaging in any sexual activity, or try applying ice to various areas of their bodies.

When applied to the body, lubricant can be chilled by putting it in the refrigerator. Alternatively, cooling lubricants can deceive the body’s nerve endings into thinking something cold has been applied to them.

You can also try making different lip formations while blowing over your partner’s body. Some people will feel cooler than others, and vice versa.

Limit Skin-to-Skin Contact

It might be best to park the missionary during a heat wave. Instead, opt for less intense or minimal skin-to-skin sex positions.

The best positions for having sex during a heat wave are spooning, standing, and doing the dog.

A favorite is also oral sex. Penetration is not necessary for sexual activity.

Oral sex is an excellent substitute because it allows you and your partner to split the work.
Mutual masturbation can refer to either two people simultaneously stimulating each other’s genitalia with their hands, or two people simultaneously stimulating each other’s genitalia with their own hands (self-stimulation).

Even though there is no possible way to have less skin-to-skin contact, it is still a private moment.

Be cautious when having a summertime romance.

Safe sex is always necessary, whether you’re single or in a relationship.

But during the summer, when beach parties and holiday flings are in full swing, many of us step up our casual dating efforts.

In order to reduce your risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancy, it is crucial to continue using protection if you have new sexual encounters.

You should consider birth control all year long.

It might be a good idea to keep birth control pills or emergency contraception on hand all year round or to consult your doctor about other birth control options.

However, condoms are always your best option for maintaining cleanliness, maintaining your health, and protecting yourself from STIs.

An additional layer of protection will undoubtedly be beneficial to you because the risk of infection can be greater than ever during the summer, especially with the addition of sweat, sand, and bacteria to the mix.

Whether you’re going out, camping, or traveling, make sure you have a few condoms on hand.

Keep hydrated.

We require more water in the summer because we sweat more frequently and our bodies are working harder to stay cool and hydrated.

Additionally, since having sex is a physical activity, you should drink enough water to maintain your energy level as if you were participating in a sport.

If you’re having hot, sweaty sex, you don’t want to run the risk of becoming lethargic or losing steam because you’re dehydrated.

To stay cool, hydrated, and prepared to go, consume as much water as you can (eight glasses per day are recommended).

Although it’s an extreme sport, having sex while it’s hot is possible.

According to research, your libido may rise in hotter weather, according to Mega Pleasure’s sex and relationship expert Charlotte Johnson. Numerous factors are to blame for this.

According to Johnson, “One reason is that we naturally wear less clothing to feel cooler, so we’re more likely to sleep naked.

When you feel less covered up around sexual partners, you may become more frequently aroused sexually.

Then there are the vacation vibes for the summer to think about.

It’s more typical for vacations to be planned in warmer locales where we hope to relax and de-stress from work and any other everyday concerns you feel at home, Johnson continues.

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