How Allegedly Imran Khan’s video LEAKED went viral?

Video of Pakistan’s former Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has been l***eaked, with more to come.

He made extravagant claims about New Pakistan, but the only thing Imran Khan was able to deliver to Pakistan was a massive debt. Now that he has been deposed as Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran has left the country in debt and at the mercy of China.

After being l***eaked online, an alleged video clip of Imran Khan goes viral.

And, with China being as frugal as ever, Pakistan was left with little more than underwear disguised as COVID-19 masks. Despite his humiliating exit from the position of country’s supremo, Imran is still wallowing in his sorrows as he tries to get the monkey off his back.

Over the last month, an unsavoury slugfest has erupted in Pakistan, a free for all that has quickly evolved into a video war. Several politicians’ alleged videos have gone viral, similar to PTI leader Zartaj Gull’s deepfake.

However, she is not the only one who has had her videos l***eaked, with Imran Khan’s political advisor Shahbaz Gill going on to say that a journalist had sent him numerous M***MS of Imran Khan. After witnessing Imran get down and dirty between the sheets, Shahzab predicted that they would be lea**ked soon, with the potential to destroy Imran’s image.

How Imran Khan’s video L***EAKED? | Army warns against dragging it into politics | Case against ANCHOR

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