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Hira Mani fight with former manager lands in police station

It was recently revealed that actress Hira Mani has been going through a difficult time, as her former manager, Nuzhat Jafri, has filed a complaint against the actress with the Karachi police department.

In her police complaint, Nuzhat stated that Hira Mani verbally abused her and even took violent measures to harm the manager. The police have requested proof of Hira Mani’s former manager’s accusations against her.

Hira Mani is regarded as one of the country’s most accomplished actresses, and there have been no reports of the actress engaging in immoral behaviour. Though the Pakistani celebrity is occasionally found posting content that may be considered a little slow-witted and then ends up garnering a lot of criticism, the fact remains that Hira Mani has amassed a massive fan following by displaying promising acting skills.


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