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Highland Park Parade Shooting Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit & Youtube

At Chicago’s Highland Park Parade, a second mass shooting claimed the lives of six people. Films made by certain Internet users regarding Chicago’s Highland Park Parade are rising to fame.

Viral Video from the Highland Park Parade Shooting

During a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Chicago, a mass shooter opened fire, leaving six people dead and many more injured. Six people were shot to death, 24 were sent to the hospital, and a rifle was discovered, according to the authorities.
“Law enforcement officials are hunting for the suspect; evidence of a handgun has been obtained,” the city of Highland Park stated on its website. “Numerous law enforcement officers are on the scene and have surrounded downtown Highland Park with a cordon.”

The march began around 10 a.m., but after 10 minutes of gunfire, it was called off.

Video of the Highland Park Parade A Sun-Times reporter captured the band performing on a float as people raced past shouting after the shooting. In midtown Highland Park, a picture published by online entertainment claimed to show blood puddles close to better seats. This article contains a video of the shooting at the Chicago Highland Park Parade.

Gina Troiani heard a loud boom that she initially mistaken for firecrackers until she heard people shouting about a gunman as she and her child were getting ready to approach the parade route with his childcare class.

We simply begin moving the other way, she told The Associated Press.

Her five-year-old was riding a bike that had been embellished with red and blue twisted strips. At the ceremony, he and other children carried little American flag banners. According to the city’s website, there will be a pet parade and children’s bicycle parade as part of the festivities.

Troiani asserted that she pushed her child’s bicycle through the neighbourhood in order to get back to their car.

Reddit’s viral Highland Park Parade Shooting video

Some of the children can be seen in a video Troiani captured on her phone being noticeably shocked by the commotion and scurrying to the side as an alarm barks nearby.

She said, “It was just generally hectic.” Some people lost contact with their family and set out to find them. Others just threw their carts down, grabbed their kids, and started running.

Governor of Illinois J.B. Pritzker tweeted that Illinois State Police are assisting and that he is “intently following the scene in Highland Park.” The Internet service provider (ISP) claimed in an email that it was helping with the reaction to a shooter who had been discovered at 10:24 a.m.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office posted on Twitter that they were helping Highland Park Police “with a gunshot in the area of the Independence Day march course.” The sheriff’s office told an AP columnist to phone Highland Park Police. The Police Department reported that no one was immediately available for comment.


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