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Hidayat Khilji Scandal: Forensic Examination Underway for Recovered Obscene Videos

Obscene Videos Connected to Hidayat Khilji Headed for Forensic Analysis

The provincial capital of Balochistan, Quetta, has recently been rocked by a disturbing video scandal that involves the alleged abduction and filming of obscene videos of young girls. The police have been actively involved in the investigation, with the focus now shifting to the apprehension of a third suspect. This article delves into the latest developments surrounding the case and the ongoing efforts to bring those responsible to justice.

Background and Initial Arrests

The scandal first came to light when a woman filed a complaint with the police, claiming that her two daughters had been abducted. The suspects, identified as Hidayat Khilji and his brother Khalil, were subsequently arrested. Hidayat Khilji, the alleged mastermind behind the operation, is now at the center of the investigation.

Police Raids and Third Suspect

In a recent update, the Quetta police have conducted raids in an attempt to apprehend a third suspect linked to the video scandal. With Hidayat Khilji and his brother already in custody, the focus has shifted to identifying and capturing any additional individuals involved in the illicit activities. The police are determined to leave no stone unturned in bringing the culprits to justice.

Legal Proceedings and Remand

Following their arrests, both Hidayat Khilji and his brother Khalil were remanded by a local court for 14 days. The police are seeking an extension of this remand as they continue their investigations. The recovery of obscene videos from Hidayat Khilji’s possession has raised concerns about the extent of the scandal, prompting authorities to expedite legal proceedings.

Obscene Videos Involving Girls from Hidayat Khilji Case

Forensic Examination

To establish the authenticity of the seized videos, the police have sent them to a forensic lab in Lahore. The forensic examination aims to provide crucial insights into the nature and origin of the videos, potentially strengthening the case against the accused. Authorities are awaiting the lab’s report, which is expected to play a pivotal role in the ongoing investigation.

Victim Testimonies and Modus Operandi

During a press conference, the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police in Quetta revealed details about the case. The victims, allegedly lured with promises of jobs, were intoxicated before being subjected to sexual assault. The accused, including Hidayat Khilji, are believed to have operated a blackmailing scheme, exploiting the victims by filming their obscene videos and later using them for extortion.

Public Outcry and Community Impact

The revelation of such a scandal has triggered public outrage and concern within the community. The article explores the broader impact of the case on the local community and the measures being taken by authorities to address the social and psychological repercussions experienced by the victims.


As the investigation into the Quetta video scandal unfolds, the authorities are faced with the challenging task of not only bringing the perpetrators to justice but also addressing the wider implications for the victims and the community. The outcomes of legal proceedings, forensic examinations, and ongoing police efforts will undoubtedly shape the narrative surrounding this disturbing incident.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Quetta Video Scandal Investigation

Q1: What is the Quetta Video Scandal?

A1: It involves the alleged abduction and filming of explicit content of young girls in Quetta.

Q2: Who are the main suspects?

A2: Hidayat Khilji and Khalil are the primary suspects.

Q3: Are there additional suspects?

A3: Yes, the police are actively pursuing a third suspect.

Q4: What legal actions have been taken?

A4: Hidayat Khilji and Khalil are remanded for 14 days; an extension is sought.

Q5: Status of forensic examination?

A5: Awaited; it will provide insights into the authenticity of seized videos.

Q6: How were victims targeted?

A6: Victims were lured with job promises, then subjected to intoxication and assault.

Q7: Community response?

A7: Widespread outcry; authorities addressing societal impact and supporting victims.

Q8: Measures for victims’ psychological impact?

A8: Counseling and support services are being offered.

Q9: When can we expect updates?

A9: Updates will be communicated by the Quetta police; timelines may vary.

Q10: How can the public assist?

A10: Share relevant information or leads through provided hotlines confidentially.

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