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Haryanvi Dancer RC Upadhyay ‘Coco Cola Layo’ video went viral

Haryanvi Dance Video: RC Upadhyay is a popular Haryanvi dancer. A sizable crowd gathers to watch her perform on stage. Her dance videos are also popular on YouTube at the same time. On YouTube, many Haryanvi songs frequently become popular. The audience is won over by the dancers in the music videos for these songs. These days, one such Haryanvi song is going viral.

In “Coco Cola Layo”

RC Upadhyay’s dance video is currently going viral on social media once more. In this video, RC Upadhyay amazes viewers with her amazing moves. She can be seen dancing in this video to the song “coco cola layo.” Her incredible dancing is lighting up YouTube.

Watched the video

She enjoys a great deal of popularity. You’ll be reminded of Sapna Chaudhary’s stage routine by RC Upadhyay. Dance videos by RC Upadhyay are similarly popular on social media as those by Sapna Chaudhary. RC Upadhyay ignites the scene with her audacious actions. People adore Unversed’s videos, according to Unversed. 2,968 people have watched the video as of this writing.


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