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Haryanvi Dancer Amisha Chauhan Video went Viral

Haryanvi Dance Video: Amisha Chauhan, a Haryanvi dancer, has a stage dance video that is becoming more and more popular on social media. Amisha Chauhan’s video has gone viral on YouTube. In the song “Mat Chale Gajab Ki Chaal,” Amisha Chauhan can be seen dancing. Millions of people have watched the video to this point. Fans are praising Amisha Chauhan’s desi appearance in the video while she is sporting a sky blue suit.

Video of Amisha Chauhan Goes Viral

Amisha Chauhan is no longer a household name. The fame of these Haryanvi dancers is rising. Thousands of people have liked Amisha Chauhan’s video as of now.


The ground-breaking performance video by Amisha Chauhan (Amisha Chauhan Dance Video) has been posted on the CHINTU CHOKAN YouTube channel. In this video, Haseena can be seen performing garda dance moves while dressed in a sky blue suit. Ameesha Chauhan’s Haryanvi Dance Video has received about 35,000 views on YouTube so far. Along with this, 248 people can be seen clicking the “like” button and expressing their admiration for it.

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