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Hantu Desa Munning Video Went Viral on Telegram, Twitter

The video is said to have originated in South Kalimantan, Indonesia, and has since become one of the most popular. According to the reports, the video shows a ghost strolling through South Kalimantan’s properties. The ghost is visible in the video, and everyone is fascinated by the activities depicted in it. Many people are watching the video and even sharing it on other social media platforms. Find out more about Hantu Desa Muning Video.

The video is gaining a lot of attention on the internet, and as previously stated, the video contains ghosts. A large number of web users are eager to learn more about the video’s content. The ghost was seen by the people in the video in South Kalimantan. The video has gotten a lot of attention on the internet. However, the video has sparked a debate on the internet between two groups with opposing viewpoints on the subject.

Polsek Daha Selatan Pastikan Hoaks Video Went Viral

One group of netizens, which included spiritual users, believes in the video and accepts that it contains a ghost. Consumers, on the other hand, claim that there is no such thing as a ghost on the planet. This lengthy discussion has made this video well-known and one of the most popular on the internet. Another group claims that the video is original, claiming that the entire village is cursed and that the story narrating how the village came to be cursed is true. The ghost has been seen in more than one village in Kalimantan, and it has even been seen in other villages.

Some people have suggested that the village perform some rituals to help them get rid of the ghost. There has been no reported incident of a village being jeopardised as of yet. A figure dressed in white was seen performing suspicious activities in the video, which was captured on a mobile phone.

In the video, the face of the figure claimed to be the ghost is obscured. The debate continues, with those who do not believe raising numerous questions and believers presenting numerous facts.

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