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Gurumiharibo Viral Video & Pics on Reddit And Twitter

The viral Viral images of the group members with other group members are what are making Kpop more interesting these days. Kpop has taken over the world. Online rumours about Kpop idols dating or sneaking around with another group member are common, despite the fact that they are single up until they sign a contract with a label or business. Some of the boy and girl groups work together and take pictures, but the majority of them are fake. Some toxic K-pop fans just make fun of one another for dating rumours or Viral photos, despite the fact that some of them are genuinely understanding and respect their privacy. The internet is currently awash with rumours and Viral images of V and Jennie from BTS.

Gurumiharibo viral Video & Pics

The biggest boy band in the world, BTS has a massive global following. Although the girl group has both fan boys and fan girls, it’s more likely that the fan girls scrutinise the boys’ intimate details because they are so intrigued by their personal or romantic lives. Pictures of Jennie from Blackpink and V from BTS are currently trending on the internet.

Many fans believe that because the photos appear too real, the two of them are actually dating. The Viral images are edited, but they appear too real, despite the fact that it can be argued that someone is actually making those real-looking edits and posting them. As per the policies of their employer, Jennie and V have never dated and will never date.

Gurumiharibo: Who Is He?

A Twitter user going by the handle Gurumiharibo posted images of Jennie and V and even made the claim that they are actually dating. Additionally, the user is making accusations and repeatedly posting the images, leading people to believe that the two are dating. In addition to just one image, the user shared a number of photos featuring the two celebrities together, each of which was altered in response to complaints from fans who saw the same pair of them in a different photo with a member of their group.

They never actually dated in real life, but the dieting is so exact that it almost seems real. The user is also being made fun of for such a despicable act.

Another Twitter user claimed that Hybe Labels would soon sue Gurumi for the behaviour she is engaging in. Fans who thought the images were real were ecstatic, and toxic fans were getting enraged.

People who were aware of the truth, however, were only observing the edits. The person who posted the photos, Gurumi, cancelled on Twitter and claimed that no one ever gave her legal notice. This is the same situation as before, when numerous fake and simply edited images of Black Pink Lisa and members of BTS were published online. While the members of the groups, as well as the labels of BTS and Black Pinks, maintain their usual composure.

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