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Google has suspended all advertising in Russia

On Thursday night, Google said that it has suspended all advertising in Russia after the country’s internet regulator asked that the business stop presenting what it believed to be ads promoting Russia’s war of Ukraine.

Google announced that it had taken the unusual step of suspending its advertising operations in the country, which includes search, YouTube, and display advertising. The move came just days after the business announced that it will no longer advertise anything created by Russian state media. Google stated that it had previously prohibited ads relating to the dispute because it did not want anybody to profit financially from the turmoil.

“We’re stopping Google ads in Russia due to the exceptional circumstances.” The situation is rapidly unfolding, and we will provide updates as needed,” the business said in a written statement.

The Russian communications authority Roskomnadzor had asked that Google stop showing online video advertising with what it called incorrect political material about Ukraine, according to The Wall Street Journal. It accused YouTube, a Google subsidiary, of launching ad campaigns aimed at misleading Russians about current events.

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