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Giant Screen Falls During Concert in Hong Kong, Mirror Boy Band Stage Accident, Video

An enormous screen collided with two members of the “Mirror Boy Band” during a live performance in Hong Kong, causing great grief for the band’s ardent fans. The concertgoers’ surveillance cameras and mobile cameras captured every moment of the incident. When their fans learned about the incident, they immediately expressed their outrage because they had no idea that such tragedy would surround them in such a way. You can find all the information you require here, along with some interesting information.

According to insider information or sources, a video of the incident was posted online and showed 15 dancers performing on stage when a large LED screen suddenly fell and struck two of them. As you could see in the viral video, the incident was sufficiently horrific in its severity. As soon as the incident happened, there was chaos and people started screaming and pointing at the crew because the two of them were seriously hurt. As a result, the organisers had to halt the concert and place it under the care of the medical staff.

What happened to the boy band Mirror?

The management team then called the relevant authorities, who looked into the situation and discovered the preparation team’s error in setting up the screens. But amid all of this, they released a statement that completely turned the situation on its head. They claimed that “none of the band members were injured,” despite the fact that everything is clearly shown in the video. Since the video is quickly spreading on social networking sites, almost everyone is expressing their worry and asking for protection.

According to reports, the incident happened on Thursday, July 28, 2022, during the Mirror Band’s fourth performance of its 12-concert schedule. A few reliable sources, however, are asserting that the injured actors reportedly hurried to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in order for the medical staff to treat them while praying for their recovery. In order for them to recover quickly, their ardent admirers never stop sending them their blessings. Here, we’ve mentioned specific pieces of information that came from other reliable sources.

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