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Genie Exum Photos And Videos Viral on Reddit, Twitter

Who exactly is the Genie Exum? Only F Photos and Videos Have Been L***eaked On Reddit and Twitter:

Genie Exum, a popular Instagram model and social media promoter, is currently making headlines. According to a recent report, Genie Exum is her mistress, holding a kitchen knife in Manhattan and allegedly beating her cousin with a bottle of wine 2 years ago in Alabama for financial reasons, according to the Washington Post.

The 22-year-old girl allegedly argued with her 23-year-old cousin, Jenna Marlowe, during a social stay in Phoenix in 2018, and a spokeswoman spoke to her in the place of residence under the condition of anonymity.

Who exactly is the Genie Exum?

Genie Exum allegedly told her cousin, “I’m going to rip your face off.” The Washington Post published photos of Marlowe with bruises on her face, cuts on her arms, and torn artificial nails during the fight.

Phoenix police said they usually investigate incidents like the one between Marlow and Exum on October 21, but the case was dropped after a cousin refused to press debts.

The provider described Exum as “running in the kitchen and carrying a bottle of wine on the kitchen counter” and later reported that she attacked her cousin with wine and knocked him to the ground.

She allegedly then yelled at her cousin, “I will kill you.” I’m going to tear your face off. You will never be able to be anything. “You will be nothing in life.” Neighbors apparently called the police after Exum left the house.

According to the source, doctors then removed all of Marlow’s bleeding nails. According to relatives, Exum moved to California following the alleged attack, but quickly returned to Alabama. They claim that Exum, who grew up in Alabama, rose to prominence after opening an OnlyF account after moving to Miami unexpectedly.

She began posting her se * y photos on social media and having fun with other girls in Miami. “She has never spoken to anyone close to him because she was a famous person,” an Alabama relative said. According to relatives, Exum moved into her opulent Hudson Yards apartment about 6 months ago. It was unclear when she moved to New York.

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