Garam Masala Part 1 Web Series – Story, Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Howto Watch

Action, thriller, romance, drama, emotion, and a variety of other elements are all present in the erotic series that Ullu has been bringing. Garam Masala, on the other hand, is a groundbreaking film of its type because it is both a thriller and a paranormal story. The newest OTT series is undoubtedly made creepier and more compelling to watch as a result.

Garam Masala Part 1 Web Series – Storyline

In the official trailer, an elderly man shows how renting his bungalow at a low price draws in young couples looking for a new place to live. As soon as they arrive at his home, he serves them food that has been combined with a special powder that his wife obtained from a monk. The young people are spending their nights with people they don’t understand or remember. However, as soon as they start having relations with the older man and his wife, they start ageing while the older couple starts regressing.

Garam Masala Part 1 Web Series – Cast list

Pihu Jaiswal, Alina Sen, and Pooja Sinha all play significant roles in the Sameer Salim Khan-produced production.

Pihu Jaiswal
Pooja Sinha
Alina Sen

Garam Masala Part 1 Web Series – Release Date

ULLU is the only website where you can watch the August 18th release of Garam Masala Part – 01 online right now.

Garam Masala Part 1 Web Series – Official Trailer Youtube

Frequently Asked Questions about Garam Masala Part 1 Web Series

Garam Masala Part 1 Web Series Crew?

Pihu Jaiswal, Alina Sen and Pooja Sinha.

Garam Masala Part 1 Web Series OTT?


Garam Masala Part 1 Web Series Release Date?

August 18, 2023.

Howto watch Garam Masala Part 1 Web Series?

The ULLU App offers the first episode of the web series Garam Masala.


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