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Full HD Viral Video Of Dr Khadija & Sheikh Danish On Twitter, YouTube, & Reddit

On social media, a video of Sheikh Danish and Dr. Khadija, a medical student, is going viral and drawing a lot of attention. People are looking up this video and expressing interest in the viral news because it addresses serious issues that many women have been struggling with for a very long time but only a small number of them have bravely discussed. As is common knowledge, many criminals have abducted or harassed victims who have turned down their advances in a romantic relationship. In one such incident, a medical student who recently turned down a man’s marriage proposal was confronted by a torcher.

Dr. Khadija, a medical student, and Sheikh Danish in a video explanation

The man and his group abducted the girl, Khadija Mehmood, and brutally tortured or harassed her as punishment because she dared to reject his marriage proposal in order to satisfy his ego or masculinity. Medical student Khadija Mehmood is from Faisalabad. The alleged sexual harassment and assault of Khadija on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, by the suspect Sheikh Danish and his companions was caught on camera as well.

The girl was allegedly taken from her home by the suspect Danish, security guards, and the shocking discovery that his daughter was also complicit in this crime and helped her father kidnap Khadija. Danish and Ana Sheikh, his daughter, assist her father in intimidating the medical student.

Sheikh Danish and Dr Khadija, a medical student, were featured in a viral full-HD video.

The suspects took the medical student to their residence in Faisalabad’s University Town and kept it there. They were accused of forcing the girl to lick their shoes as punishment and even recording the horrifying and humiliating event with the aid of their camera. Even after that, they continued tormenting her and cutting her hair. They even uploaded the video of her licking their shoes and being brutally tortured by the accused, who also abruptly chopped off her hair, online. Within a short period of time, the video went viral on social media and quickly became popular.

Many social media users expressed their outrage at the cruel treatment of the helpless girl.

The CCPO of Faisalabad, Umar Saeed Malik, took note of the incident and reported the offenders to the women’s police station. The six suspects in this case who have been taken into custody by the police are Faizan, Danish, Ashghar, Maham, Shoaib, and Khan Muhammad. The victim’s face is clearly visible in the video that is currently going viral.

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