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Full CCTV footage of Al-Baath University professor NIZAR ABSHI’s viral video with a student

A very embarrassing sexual video has arrived from the Syrian Al-Baath University, and it is currently trending on the Internet. This is the main concern for online citizens. It is obvious that a professor interacted with the student. The professor in question is Nizar Abshi, dean of the faculty of arts, as has been made public. We don’t know a great deal about the victim. This incident is consistently being covered in the national media.

viral video of Nizar Abshi

Additionally, it goes against educational morals, and the organization is in serious trouble. The organization’s reputation has been totally destroyed, and the parents are very worried about their kids. The institution’s securities and the committee have not made any statements. Prof. Abdul Basit Al-Khatib, the president, is silent about this incident. The university offers a variety of math and science courses. Since 2011, Syria, our beloved nation.

CCTV footage of Nizar Abshi in a video with a student

that has experienced a violent crisis that has had an impact on the anthropogenic, cultural, and civilizational structure of that. Although the police have begun an investigation into this matter, there is no word on the Professor’s arrest. The incident, which was captured on video, first surfaced on August 12 and took place between the academic years 2021 and 2022. She is a third-year student in the English department and was advancing to the fourth year, it is stated.

According to rumours, the teacher threatened to fail the female student if she did not comply with his demands for her to perform well on the literary criticism exam. What a shame it is that we have to hear about such things in the news today regarding education and that such teachers need to be restrained and punished appropriately for their crimes.

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