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Former PM Imran Khan’s Wife Bushra Bibi’s Full Audio Leaked & Viral on Twitter, Reddit

Bushra Bibi’s three-carat diamond ring is mentioned in an audio leak from the PMLN.

The previous first lady Bushra Bibi declined to take a three-carat diamond ring from them, according to an alleged audio recording made by property tycoon Malik Riaz and his daughter Amber Riaz, which was made public by Punjab government spokesman Ataullah Tarar on Sunday.

However, neither Malik Riaz nor the PTI have acknowledged any connection to the tape. Tarar and PMLN Secretary of Information Azma Bukhari brought the tape to light during a press conference in Lahore.

According to the reported audio, Amber was heard telling her father, who has friendly contacts with all Pakistani officials, that she had sent the first lady of the country a three-carat diamond ring that she had declined to accept.

Amber stated in the audio that she had a meeting with “her” (Farah Gogi) on Saturday and that a five-carat diamond ring for Bushra Bibi should be prepared before that. Amber also stated that the ring would cost Rs10 million.

Further explaining that it was “unbecoming of them to send her something that anybody could own,” Amber said that Farah had informed her that it was “no great deal for the first lady to own a three-carat ring.”

Malik Riaz could be heard advising his daughter to obtain the ring that the first lady and Gogi were seeking after hearing that. The next morning, the “locked doors to his sites will be opened,” Amber could be heard assuring her father, adding that “she” (Farah) had told her that she had gotten a call from Imran Khan.

“Farah informed me that she had spoken with Khan Sahab by phone and that he would provide a guarantee for the resolution of the [cases] for which the reports had been given to him. Tomorrow, Shahzad Akbar will also send you a letter “Amber was heard relating to her father.

In the meantime, Malik Riaz wrote in a message that creating an audio conversation shouldn’t come as a surprise with today’s deep fake technologies. It’s evident that this technology produced the audio that’s linked with me on social media.

“I don’t want to get involved in political campaigns for any party, but the most awful thing is that people are using my name and reputation to settle political and personal scores.

“I abhor these ongoing attacks against me, which have now extended to my family. “Anyone found to be originator and facilitator in spreading fake material will be taken to task,” he said. “I intend to pursue this matter legally as well and will be using all possible legal forums to find people behind this conspiracy against me.”

Farrukh Habib, a PTI leader and former state minister, has also refuted any involvement by his party in the tape leak. He claimed in a statement that father-daughter conversations have nothing to do with the PTI.

Insisting that the discussion was genuine, Tarar still offered to provide the recording for forensic analysis. A close aide to PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s wife, Farah Gogi, who is now in Dubai after the government accused her of corruption, should board the next flight to Pakistan, according to Tarar during a press conference.

According to him, Gogi amassed assets worth billions of rupees while the PTI government was in office. He also claimed that Pakistan sent diamonds worth billions of rupees to Dubai, where they were sold.

Furthermore, he said that Gogi had been involved in the promotion and removal of Punjabi government officials in exchange for substantial sums of money. “The issue is not limited to the diamond trades, but information about the sale of pricey artworks and watches will soon come to the fore too,” Tarar claimed, adding that after these things were sold in Dubai, money was transported to Pakistan via hundis.

The spokesperson for the Punjab government continued by claiming that Farah Gogi was complicit in what has been dubbed “Asia’s biggest money-laundering scandal.” As a result, Tarar demanded that Farah Gogi take the subsequent flight to Pakistan if Imran Khan is an honourable person.

It should be remembered that in May, when Farah Gogi was accused of corruption, Khan defended her, asserting that the charges against her were false and that “wealth beyond recognised sources of income” was only a problem for people who held public position.

Former PM Imran Khan’s Wife Bushra Bibi’s Full Audio Leaked & Viral on Twitter, Reddit

Breaking News. Bushra Bibi’s horrific alleged audio leak. Giving instructions to a social media worker. All you have to do is link Aleem Khan and all of them to treason, and pick up the American letter on social media. You have not made any show of Farah gogi Khan. Listen in full.


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