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Former PM Imran Khan forgives ‘spy servant’ who bugged his Bed room

According to 24NewsHD TV channel, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) politician Dr. Shahbaz Gill claimed on Sunday that a servant had been kicked out of Imran Khan’s home for spying on the PTI chairman.

According to a statement from Shahbaz Gill, the servant was charged with placing a spy device in Imran Khan’s Bed room.

who is Spy servant bugged Former PM Imran Khan Bed room, Age, Name

He is the 23-year-old housekeeper, who had worked as Imran Khan’s housekeeper for the previous six years, was deployed to spy on the PTI leader.

What Former PM Imran Khan done with Spy Servant

The servant has received forgiveness from Imran Khan. His life is in danger.

The suspected media spy who allegedly attempted to bug Imran Khan’s bedroom is presented by Shehbaz Gill.


An employee who allegedly installed a spy device in Imran Khan’s bedroom was approached by Shahbaz Gul Media. Imran Khan fired the employee. Listen to the employee’s confession.

Dr Shehbaz Gill Response to Spy Servant who bugg PM Imran khan Bedroom

This is a warning to those who spied on Imran Khan using a servant, reminding them not to violate the sanctity of homes.

They will probably kill him once he (spy) left the Bani Gala – Dr. Shehbaz Gill

We have called the media to see if it is going to Bani Gala safe, because we think it will be killed as soon as it goes out. Shahbaz Gul


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