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Flooding footage from Yellowstone National Park goes viral on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube

Flooding has wreaked havoc on Yellowstone National Park, as seen in an aerial video taken over the park, with roads being washed away and visitors being left stranded.

A video posted on the park’s Facebook page on Monday, June 13, showed the Gardner Canyon section of the Yellowstone North Entrance road as seen from a helicopter.

The image with a climate change theme that won the 2022 Creative Photo Awards was flooding in Yellowstone Park.

Numerous people had to be evacuated as a result of the extreme flooding, forcing the closure of all park entrances. No visitors are now allowed in the park due to the risks.

Extreme Mudslides & Flooding In Yellowstone National Park

A Montana helicopter company transported about 50 people on Monday and Tuesday, but some neighbourhood residents are still without access to clean water.

We haven’t “rescued” anyone who was in danger, says Laura Jones of Rocky Mountain Rotors, “we have mostly been carrying people out of there.”

“We have also carried some people who had pets they needed to get to or reside there and needed to get home,” she told CNN.

The region received two months’ worth of rain in just two days because of the intense precipitation and quick melting, which led to up to three-quarters of a foot of water discharge.

In a statement, Yellowstone Park Superintendent Cam Sholly cited “numerous road and bridge failures, mudslides, and other difficulties” in the park’s northern section.

Numerous cities in Montana’s Park County were also dealing with severe flooding, which washed out bridges and highways and made it unsafe to drive or difficult to evacuate, according to Park County officials on Facebook. These cities are close to Yellowstone, to the north.

Authorities have also issued numerous warnings to residents not to drink the local water due to a broken water main and submerged wells.

The town of Gardiner in Park County, which is close to the northern entrance to Yellowstone, is cut off and submerged in water as a result of severe floods that destroyed bridges and roads, according to county officials’ posts on Facebook on Tuesday.


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