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First Interview of Dr Khadija who was assaulted by Sheikh Danish & his family

I have not forgiven them at all, the video circulating on social media is old, they tortured me so much. Conversation of a girl who was tortured by Sheikh Danish in Faisalabad.



A businessman from Faisalabad detained for ‘kidnapping, torturing, and sexually assaulting a woman

A powerful businessman and at least five other men are accused of kidnapping, torturing, and sexually assaulting a medical student in Faisalabad on Wednesday, in yet another instance of violence against women in the nation.

After the video of the victim being attacked and humiliated went viral on social media, police took action against six suspects.

In the disturbing footage, Sheikh Danish Ali, who owns a successful textile company in the Punjabi capital, and the victim’s classmate Maham are seen viciously beating Khadija Mehmood and verbally abusing her at their Paradise Valley home.

An accusation was made against Danish and his daughter Ana Ali, who attended the same university as the alleged victim.

According to the police report, Ana’s friend Khadija, a final-year BDS student, frequently visited her home. Danish asked his daughter to send Khadija a marriage proposal after he started to feel something for her. But Khadija declined his offer, and Ana then started threatening to kill the victim. After learning of these threats, Khadija severed all ties with Danish and his family.

On August 9, a group of men, including Danish and his daughter, broke into Khadija’s house and abducted both her and her brother.

They also stole valuables, including Khadija’s iPhone 13 Pro Max, gold bangles, and Rs500,000, according to the FIR.
After bringing the victim to their opulent home in one of Faisalabad’s most affluent neighbourhoods, the perpetrators started torturing Khadija in front of her brother.

She was subjected to extreme forms of abuse and humiliation while being recorded in a video by Danish and his daughter, other family members, and others from the home. The culprits themselves later posted the video on social media.

Khadija has also claimed that Danish forced her to commit a sex act, which Danish also recorded.

The Express Tribune was informed by the City Police Officer of Faisalabad that “Police arrested the main accused [Danish Ali] along with six other offenders who tortured the woman yesterday. To swiftly arrest the suspects, CPO Faisalabad formed a special team.

While the police moved swiftly to apprehend the offenders, Ana, one of the principal accusers has not yet been apprehended.

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