Filipino actress Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson Assault allegations

Ana Jalandoni: Who Is She?

Well, her statement is so true, and if we use ourselves as an example, we will never, ever be hurt by someone we care deeply about. However, there is news that she has been confronted with this, as her boyfriend is accused of injuring her and detaining her. The actress was in the clutches of her boyfriend, who used to lock her in a room and then beat her. As a result, her boyfriend was causing her mental and physical harm. The Kit Thompson and Ana Jalandoni Scandal.

The victim expressed her feelings about the alleged assaults by posting photos of herself before and after the incident on her Instagram and Facebook pages on March 18. These photos quickly went viral after she posted them, as many of her followers shared them on their own accounts. And the cops were called in when actor Kit Thompson was arrested.

Instagram of Ana Jalandoni

“When you truly love someone, you will never ever even consider harming them,” says one statement. Is it true that you genuinely adored them? This is my opinion, and I’m sure you were all very cautious out there. Later, Jalandoni expressed gratitude to those who kept an eye on her and stated that she would issue a statement soon.

Cornerstone Entertainment, Thompson’s management, released a statement about the incident on its Instagram page yesterday, March 18. “Be mindful of passing judgement based on unfounded reports being circulated online,” the initial statement said.

Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson: What Happened? Allegations of assault Reactions on Twitter:

According to a recent report, the Philippine National Police (PNP) is currently preparing proof for the possible filing of criminal charges against Kapamilya actor Kit Thompson, who was arrested on Friday for assaulting his girlfriend, actress Ana Jalandoni. The arrest came after the victim, whose identity was withheld by the cops, summoned some friends to save him from the clutches of “Keith,” presumably referring to Thompson.

The couple was staying in a Tagaytay City hotel. According to the report, Tagaytay Police received a 911 emergency call from Jaladoni, who said she needed to be rescued after being illegally detained by her beau inside their rented hotel room.

Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson: What Happened?

Following that, the victim was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment for bruises she allegedly received from the actor’s hands. The PNP stated that “after the rescue operation, it will continue to monitor the condition of the woman sufferer.” It’s unclear whether the actor is still in custody or if he has paid for his temporary freedom.

According to the initial investigation, Jalandoni claimed she had a misunderstanding with Thompson, which led to the physical violence. “Reportedly, the suspect assaulted and punched the sufferer on various parts of the body,” Tagaytay police said in a report.

Assault allegations against Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson

Following the arrest of her beau, actor Kit Thompson, who is accused of wounding and detaining her, Ana Jalandoni has emphasised that one does not harm someone they love. The actress expressed her feelings about the alleged assault on her Facebook and Instagram pages yesterday, March 18th, 2022, while viewing photos of herself before and after the incident.

“When you love someone, you will never harm them,” she said. Were you truly enamoured with them? This is me warning you to be cautious out there.” Jalandoni then thanked those who checked in on her and promised that a statement would be issued soon. Thompson’s management, Cornerstone Entertainment, released a statement about the incident on its Instagram page yesterday, March 18th.

Twitter Reactions from Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson

This follows their initial statement urging the public to “be mindful of passing judgement based on unfounded rumours circulating on the internet.” “The Cornerstone Management does not condone any act of violence and deeply values the dignity of women,” it stated. We’d like to take this opportunity to clarify that our previous statement was made without any specific information because we were only receiving broad accusations. We also didn’t have access to any photos of the incident.”

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