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Félix and Bernabé Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit

After their videos appeared online, Felix and Bernabé quickly rose to the top of the internet’s trending topics. The video has attracted a lot of attention after going viral on various platforms. Two men who appear in the video’s opening scene identify themselves as Felix Gamez Garcia and his uncle Bernabe Gamez Castro. Felix was seen confessing to bringing drugs into the country. As a member of the Sinaloa cartel, he claimed that it was his duty to say that.

According to reports, two armed men suddenly appeared outside the adobe room as the men were sitting calmly there. Both Felix and Bernabe could be seen sitting while shirtless and only sporting pants in the six-minute video. Bernabe continued by saying that the Sinaloa cartel can’t pay them much for their work, only providing them with 300 pesos, which was insufficient to cover their expenses. After hearing what the men had to say, the armed men beheaded them shortly after. The gunmen were observed putting the chainsaw right on the target.

According to reports, the gunmen tragically decapitated both the uncle and his nephew. Recently, the video of the incident has started to circulate online. Everyone seems to be discussing it exclusively and expressing their shock at the development. One of the videos shows the executioner approaching Felix and using a knife to cut off his head. Felix passed away slowly and gradually, whereas Barnabas passed away instantly. That led to the horrifying deaths of both men, and since then, the public has been paying close attention to the same incident.

Without a doubt, easy money frequently leads to some sort of tragedy, so it is better to avoid being drawn to it and to ensure that you instead earn money thru the hard work and dedication as it lasts for a long time. Since many people choose this route to make money and end up in various kinds of problems, the drug industry has frequently seen people lose their lives, and this does not appear to be changing anytime soon. This resulted in the deaths of Félix and Bernabé as well. There isn’t a lot of information about the video currently available on social media.

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