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FBR sends notice to anchor Imran Riaz Khan for inconsistency in income and asset details.

Inconsistency in details of income and assets, notice of tax authorities to anchor Imran Riaz

Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued a notice to TV anchor Imran Riaz Khan on May 15 seeking clarification on the discrepancy in assets and income details.

In a notice sent to Imran Riaz Khan by the Additional Commissioner of Inland Revenue, his property and income from agricultural land along with other records have been sought.

The notice has been sent to his home in Model Town Lahore.

The notice sent under the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 states that the income tax paid does not correspond to the income.

In the year 2020, an income of Rs. 1,55,45,858 was declared.

According to the notice, Imran Riaz declared ownership of 72 kanals of agricultural land in Ferozewala in the year 2020 but did not disclose the income from this land.

It is to be noted that the number of followers of this pro-PTI TV anchor on Twitter has increased by 1.8 million in recent days and some social media watchdogs claim that Imran Riaz has become the most popular person in Pakistan in the last few months. Emerged as a big YouTuber who earns more than 5 million per month.

According to the FBR notice, the assets of Anchor were shown as Plot No. 76 Millat Tractor Employees Society, valued at Rs. 36.5 million and three kanals. Two plots are shown in the assets and the value of both is shown as 32.5 million. The difference between the prices of these plots in the assets of the year 2020 and 2021
One plot was shown to be worth Rs 30 million in 2020 and two plots in 2021 and the value of both of them was shown to be less than one plot even though the price of property has increased.

The notice said that the Deputy Commissioner would contact the Inland Revenue Anchor regarding agricultural land and hoped to co-operate with them.

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