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Fatima Tahir Malik – Age, Education, Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Fatima Tahir Malik TikTok career Fatima Tahir Malik Instagram photos

Fatima Tahir Malik is a prominent Pakistani TikToker known for her engaging content and vibrant personality. Born on December 9, 1998, in Karachi, Pakistan, she has become a well-known figure in the world of social media. This article delves into her life, career, and the controversies that have shaped her public persona.

Early Life and Education

Fatima Tahir Malik born into a Muslim family with a military background. Growing up in Karachi, she attended a private school for her early education. She later pursued higher education at a private college, where she completed her graduation with a degree in MBBS. This educational background has played a crucial role in shaping her disciplined and focused approach to her career.

Fatima Tahir Malik social media influence Fatima Tahir Malik private photos

Fatima Tahir Malik Personal Life


Fatima Tahir Malik’s father is Tahir Mohamad Ali, while information about her mother and siblings remains undisclosed at the moment.

Relationship Status

Details about Fatima Tahir Malik’s boyfriend or husband are currently unavailable, and any updates will be provided when possible.

Fatima Tahir Malik Physical Appearnce

Fatima Tahir height is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs approximately 58 kg. Her body measurements are bra size 34, waist size 30, and hip size 34. At 26 years old, she maintains a fit and healthy lifestyle, which she often shares with her followers.

Fatima Tahir Malik social media influence Fatima Tahir Malik private photos

Fatima Tahir Malik Career

Rise to Fame

Fatima Tahir Malik began journey as a TikToker, where she gained popularity through her entertaining lip-sync and humorous videos. Her engaging content quickly amassed a significant following, propelling her to fame. She expanded her presence to other social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, where Fatima_Tahir bold photos further increased her popularity.

Fatima Tahir Malik social media influence Fatima Tahir Malik private photos Fatima Tahir Malik social media influence Fatima Tahir Malik private photos

Notable Achievements

One of Fatima’s significant moments in the public eye was her visit to the Corps Commander’s house in Lahore along with a group of students from Superior University. This visit brought her considerable media attention and highlighted her influence as a social media personality.

Net Worth

Fatima Tahir Malik has successfully monetized her social media presence through brand endorsements and Instagram. Fatima Tahir net worth is approximately $200,000, reflecting her success and popularity in the digital space.

Fatima Tahir Malik Controversies

Fatima’s journey has not been without its challenges. Recently, she became the center of controversy when Fatima Tahir private photograph unintentionally went viral on the internet. This incident sparked widespread discussion and criticism, particularly from her supporters in the Muslim community. Furthermore, there have been rumors and speculations about her potential involvement with the OnlyFans platform, which has led to severe backlash and even death threats.

Social Media Presence

Fatima remains active on various social media platforms, where she continues to engage with her audience through posts and updates. Here are some of her social media handles:


Fatima Tahir Malik’s journey from a regular girl in Karachi to a renowned social media celebrity is nothing short of inspirational. Despite facing controversies and challenges, she has continued to captivate her audience with her charm and talent. Her story is a testament to the power of social media and the influence it holds in shaping modern-day celebrities.

FAQ: Fatima Tahir Malik

When was Fatima_Tahir Malik born?

December 9, 1998.

Where was Fatima_Tahir Malik born?

Karachi, Pakistan.

What is Fatima_Tahir Malik’s educational background?

She completed her MBBS degree from a private college.

What is Fatima_Tahir Malik’s height and weight?

She is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 58 kg.

What are Fatima_Tahir Malik’s body measurements?

Bra size 34, waist size 30, and hip size 34.

What is Fatima_Tahir Malik known for?

She is known for her TikTok videos, humorous lip-syncs, and bold photos on Instagram.

What is Fatima_Tahir Malik’s estimated net worth?

Approximately $200,000.

Who is Fatima_Tahir Malik’s father?

Tahir Mohamad Ali.

Does Fatima_Tahir Malik have any siblings?

Information about her siblings is currently unavailable.

What controversy has Fatima_Tahir Malik been involved in?

Her private photo went viral, sparking significant online discussion and criticism.

Is Fatima_Tahir Malik on Instagram?

Yes, her Instagram handle is Fatima_Tahir Instagram.

Is Fatima_Tahir Malik on TikTok?

Yes, her TikTok handle is Fatima_Tahir TikTok.

What notable event brought media attention to Fatima_Tahir Malik?

Her visit to the Corps Commander’s house in Lahore with Superior University students.

Has Fatima_Tahir Malik received any backlash for her social media content?

Yes, she has faced criticism and even death threats following the viral spread of her private photo.

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