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Faryal Mehmood’s lea**ked bold dance video viral

A new video of Faryal Mehmood dancing in a daring gown has gone viral. The actress is being chastised for her clothing and lifestyle choices.

The stunning actress can be seen in the viral video performing daring dance moves while dressed in daring clothes. The actress is seen dancing to the music of a song called ‘Mann Hari,’ which appears to be an Indian song. She’s dressed in a western casual stylish ensemble consisting of a black tank top and off-white shorts.

Her movements were not well received by the users, who opted to chastise her for wearing such a revealing gown and insult her design sense.

“Doob marnay ka maqam hy itni ghaleez aurat hy k is nay tu apnay app ko Pakistani aur muslman hone sa bhi inkar kar diya she should be get out from Pakistan,”

one user wrote.

Another one commented,

“Why we always promote two nation theory.shamless.”

Faryal Mehmood Bold Dance:

another Faryal Mehmood Bold Dance:

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