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Exposing the Facts: A Deep Dive into Najiba Faiz’s Alleged Video Leak

Najiba Faiz Controversy: Separating Fact from Fiction in the Viral Video

Famous Pashto morning show host and actress Najiba Faiz is currently in the spotlight due to a ‘leaked video’ circulating on social media. The video in question dates back to last Ramzan, where the team of an HUM Pashto1 TV show gathered for an iftar after Najiba Faiz’s show. This incident involves religious scholar Mufti Anwar Sultan, who, according to reports, was asked to show emotions for the video.

Video Content and Virality

Najiba Faiz allegedly recorded the video on her phone, capturing a moment where an attendant prompts Mufti Anwar Sultan to cry for the scene. This footage was later released on social media by Najiba herself and has since gone viral. Mufti Anwar Sultan, reacting to the situation, expressed difficulty coping with the aftermath of the video’s circulation.

Leaked Video Trends

The context of leaked audio and video scandals is discussed, highlighting a trend on Pakistani internet platforms where individuals exploit situations by falsely presenting inappropriate content. The narrative indicates that some are taking advantage of Najiba Faiz’s situation to spread misleading information.

Najiba Faiz’s Response

Najiba Faiz responded to the situation through her social media profile, explaining that since 2017, when she confronted certain individuals, they resorted to editing her Facebook live videos to create false narratives, particularly involving explicit content. She urged those responsible to use advanced editing technologies for better quality and extended wishes of healing.

Escalation of the Issue

The text notes that the issue has reached epidemic levels in the country, emphasizing that Pakistan has one of the highest search rates for po**rnographic content globally. Rumors about a potential leaked video of Najiba Faiz have led to concerns among her fans and social media users regarding privacy breaches. Trolls have taken advantage of the situation to share insulting comments.


In conclusion, Najiba Faiz has clarified that the alleged explicit clip circulating online is a result of manipulating her videos to create false narratives. The incident underscores the broader issue of privacy breaches and misleading content on social media platforms in Pakistan.

FAQ About Najiba Faiz’s leaked video

What is the controversy about Najiba Faiz’s leaked video?

The controversy involves a leaked video recorded during an iftar gathering, featuring emotional scenes with religious scholar Mufti Anwar Sultan.

How did the video become viral?

Najiba Faiz reportedly released the video on social media herself, leading to its viral spread.

Why did Mufti Anwar Sultan break down in the video?

Mufti Anwar Sultan broke down in response to a prompt to show emotions during the recording.

Is there inappropriate content in the video?

The controversy doesn’t suggest inappropriate content, but it sparked discussions about privacy breaches.

How did Najiba Faiz respond to the situation?

Najiba Faiz addressed the situation on social media, explaining the video’s release and a pattern of manipulation since 2017.

What is the broader trend of leaked content?

The text refers to a trend of leaked audio and video scandals on the Pakistani internet, where some individuals exploit situations for personal gain.

How does this impact privacy concerns in Pakistan?

The incident highlights broader privacy breaches in Pakistan, with public engagement in discussing potentially scandalous content online.

Are there concerns about misleading content in Pakistan?

Yes, the text indicates high search rates for po**rnographic content in Pakistan, emphasizing the prevalence of misleading online content.

How did Najiba Faiz react to rumors of a leaked explicit video?

Najiba Faiz clarified that the rumors were false, attributing them to the editing of her videos to create misleading narratives.

What is the overall impact of this incident?

The incident serves as a case study in the challenges individuals face online, emphasizing the need for increased awareness of privacy issues in Pakistani society.

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