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Emu Emmanuel Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit, Tiktok and Youtube

Who Is Emmanuel, the Trending TikTok Emu?

As a pet owner, I’ve come to understand that if an animal insists on being in a specific location at a specific time, it will actually be in that location at that specific time. I suppose anyone who is near any animal, like, say, on a farm, would experience this. having an emu? Emus will do as they please, if Liberty Mutual Insurance has taught me anything at all.

This is true for Emmanuel, an emu (government name Emmanuel Todd Lopez as revealed in the TikTok below). Emmanuel Todd Lopez, a bird, is a creature who demands attention and, like all exquisitely unusual beings who can sense when a camera has been turned on, he insists.

The first time I saw Emmanuel was in a tweet that included a collection of his antics. His handler, Taylor Blake, a Knuckle Bump Farms employee, creates instructional videos about the farm’s animals (who you can find on TikTok and Instagram). For some reason, Blake has chosen to attempt to film these videos without Emmanuel, who is undoubtedly the farm’s star. He quickly corrects her mistake by strolling into each video she is attempting to make. She screams, “Emmanuel, don’t do it,” until she finally caves and says, “Do it.” And so he does. He tosses the camera to the ground and gives it a few pecks before concluding that perhaps it wasn’t as satisfying as he had anticipated.

You might assume from the viral video (and my headline, I suppose) that Emmanuel is the only one who abuses Blake in this way. She appears to be dealing with several animals that interfere with her lessons. One in particular (a deer by the name of Princess) will bite Blake and lick her arm until she gets her way. Emmanuel, who at one point knocks the camera over while Princess is deterring the woman, has me convinced that Princess is involved. Individual bubbles? Princess is unaware of what they are.

People started inquiring about EMMANUEL DON’T DO IT merchandise right away. Blake is actually collaborating with a nearby company to complete a task. This is crucial to remember because Blake has acknowledged that people are already trying to profit from Emmanuel. If you’re interested in purchasing something, hold off until Blake releases the official merchandise for the farm itself.

Emu Emmanuel Viral Video

His caregiver, Taylor Blake, became well-known for her blog posts describing how she tried to make educational videos but kept getting the star subjects to interfere with the lessons.

“Emmanuel, please refrain from doing it! Please, Jesus Todd Lopez! Blake yells as Emmanuel positions his long neck in the frame.

Blake is taken aback when he notices that the emu seems to back off. “The fact that you paid attention fills my soul with the utmost joy.”

“He knew I meant business when I whipped out his government name,” Blake captioned the video.

Blake can be seen addressing the camera in a recent image with the caption “Animals against education,” which has almost 3 million views. Their free-range animals join the scene and sabotage the photo.

As Emmanuel’s sister Ellen enters the frame head first, staring down the camera before pecking it to the muddy ground, a frustrated Blake exclaims, “I can’t catch a break, people – I’ve been trying to record this forever.”

Guys, I’ll just be honest with you from now on. Blake exclaims, “I don’t think that I’m ever going to be able to teach you anything because I don’t think that anybody on this farm is going to— Regina!” Blake is referring to Emmanuel’s other sister, Regina.

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