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Ducky Bhai married with Aroob Jatoi, His Wife’s Name, Photo and Age

On April 12th, 2022, famous YouTuber Saad Ur Rehman aka Ducky Bhai got engaged and Nikkahfied in a private ceremony. Ducky Bhai shared an adorable photo of himself and his wife, as well as the news, with his fans. Let’s take a look at Saad Ur Rehman aka Ducky Bhai Wife’s name, photos, age, Instagram, and other relevant information.

Ducky Bhai’s Wedding Ceremonies

Ducky Bhai’s engagement ceremony took place on April 12th, and he was nikkahfied to Aroob Jatoi at the same time. He announced the news on his official social media accounts alongside a beautiful photo of himself and his wife, Aroob Jatoi.

Ducky Bhai’s fans are overjoyed, and they have wished the couple a happy married life. Their engagement had been rumoured for about two weeks, but there had been no official confirmation. Finally, he has made an official announcement, which has piqued the interest of his fans. His engagement became a social media sensation.

Aroob Jatoi: Who Is She? Biography, Name, and Age of Ducky Bhai Wife

Aroob Jatoi is a YouTuber and social media celebrity. She is well-known for her stunning appearance and flawless makeup application. The lady began her career when she was very young. She calls herself a designer, a social media influencer, and a lot of other things that she prefers to keep private for the time being. She does, however, use YouTube as a means of breaking into the blogging world. She intends to produce a large number of creative videos, which she will soon upload to her YouTube channel.

Her Instagram page is a beautiful representation of a model who has always put her heart and soul into her work. Her Instagram account has more than 100k followers. Read the biography of Ducky Bhai’s wife, including all relevant details about her personal and professional life.

Height, weight, and other physical characteristics

She has captivating eyes, a beautiful figure, and a smile that leaves men speechless when it comes to her physical appearance. The height and weight of Ducky Bhai’s wife are 5 feet 5 inches and 50 kilogrammes, respectively.

Instagram: Ducky Bhai Wife

Aroob jatoi’s Instagram handle is aroob_jatoi.

Name of Ducky Bhai’s Wife

Ducky Bhai’s wife is Aroob Jatoi, a stunning woman with over 110k Instagram followers.

Photographs of the Engagement

Ducky Bhai got engaged and nikkahfied to Aroob Jatoi on April 12, 2022, during the same ceremony. Ducky Bhai announced the Nikkah on his social media accounts after receiving it, along with some beautiful photos of him and his wife Aroob Jatoi.

Because he’s so cute, the pictures of him below are enough to make you cry! He looks so in love, from exchanging rings in front of his parents’ picture to hugging his wife.

Photos of Ducky Bhai’s Wife

Before we wrap up our Ducky Bhai Wife Biography discussion, I’d like to let you know that we’ll be keeping an eye on her Instagram page and will update you as soon as she posts something new about herself. I believe it would be inappr**opriate to discuss this at this time. Keep in touch with us and enjoy these stunning photos of Aroob Jatoi, the wife of YouTube sensation Ducky Bhai. Check it out!

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