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Dua Zehra’s father to take legal action against Viral daughter’s interview

The interviewer claimed to have communicated with a young couple.

The father of Dua Zehra will sue the YouTuber for his daughter’s interview!

The father of Dua Zehra, Mehdi Kazmi, will file a complaint with the Supreme Court against the person who spoke with his daughter.

A day ago, Dua and her husband Zaheer’s first social media-trending video interview went viral.

Since Dua Zehra’s disappearance, they hadn’t publicly discussed their relationship until that point.

Mehdi Kazmi expressed her response to the interview by stating that she (the interviewer) will soon receive a notice from the Supreme Court.

“The interviewer said that she had been in touch with these individuals [Zehra and Zaheer] since the first day, but after she receives the notice, all of them will vanish, and this bibi will also vanish and claim that her communication with them has been severed,” he said.

The “real matter” was exposed in the interview by Dua and Zaheer.

The adolescent used the occasion to inform her parents that she had wed in accordance with Islamic law but expressed regret if they still believed she had done something wrong.

“Parents, I’d want to ask you to embrace Zaheer and I with open hearts. While acknowledging their suffering—as much as mine—Dua pleaded with them to welcome them.

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