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Drama Badzaat full Episode on Geo tv

Badzaat, a new drama, will premiere today. As you can see in the introduction, I have good expectations for this drama.

Update and Review for Drama Badzaat full Episode

Drama Badzaat summary

Wali is introduced, and we hear about his childhood. He was the neglected child of a mother who never had time for him since she was obsessed with her singing and dancing career. That, combined with the title Badzaat, has turned him into an angry guy who occasionally pulls a gun.

Danyal and Huda, who are either engaged or like each other, are presented to us. Then there’s Anabiya, who is easily afraid and sobs on command-a quality that instantly wins Wali’s heart. Wali is already developing affections for Anabiya at the end of the episode.

Seriously? He only met her three times for less than a minute each time. So, we’re talking about love at first sight. Waah, Bhai!

Review of Drama Badzaat

It was a very loud episode. Throughout the programme, I despised the background score, which was more like loud noise.

Why do dramatists use a loud background score to add drama to their productions? Why can’t they just use the tale to create dramatic effects? I saw Badshah Begum the day before yesterday, and now I’m seeing this.

Drama Badzaat characters Performances and Full Cast & Crew

  • Saba Faisal appeared to be a fine singer/dancer, but I suspect her role will be overly dramatic.
  • The part of model/actor Ainy is a good fit for Zoya Nasir‘s personality, and she did well in the two sequences she appeared in.

Let’s get to the main character, Wali Asfand.

  • Wali’s (Imran Ashraf) upbringing was tough. His mother Laila (Saba Faisal) works as an actress, which his father Akber (Mehmood Aslam) finds repulsive. It’s unclear why Akber married Laila in the first place, given that he didn’t agree with or support her job choices. The “backstory” is nonetheless gripping and explains why Wali is the way he is. Wali has heard his mother being called “badzaat” throughout his childhood and formative years, despite having an extraordinarily loving and caring stepmother in the form of Narmeen (Nida Mumtaz). These statements have stayed with him, and while maintaining a relationship with his mother, he has a violent temper and does not flinch when brandishing a gun at anyone who gets in his way.
  • When he strikes out at his younger sister Annie (Zoya Nasir) for modelling in inappr**opriate apparel, it’s almost amusing – yet Annie is dressed in a full gown with long sleeves. Although it is evident that the channel cannot display revealing apparel, the clothing should at the very least have been appropriate for the context. Wali is appalled by her “libaas,” telling her (at least four times in the same scene) that he will support her modelling career, but not in such garb. This is a stupid moment for a variety of reasons, the most notable of which are her actual (covered) attire and the sequence’s repetitiveness with overdramatic music.
  • Anabiya (Urwa Hocane), a little girl who is visiting Wali’s family, is also introduced. Is she a relative? Is it a family member? That isn’t apparent, but she gets off to a bad start with Wali when she is seen on a magazine cover looking at Annie’s “inappr**opriate” images. When Wali discovers Anabiya in his room, he becomes enraged. Anabiya is nearby, putting away his clothes, but she remains silent. Instead, she says “Woh….main…….” and then pauses, as though she doesn’t have time to finish her sentence.Is there ever a time when you’re so flustered that you can’t speak what you need to say? Wali, on the other hand, reacts how he sees fit, pointing a gun at her. Is this a romantic gesture? No. Isn’t this adorable? No. Is this a first date? No. Anabiya, on the other hand, flees after making numerous pledges to remain out of his path, and Wali is seen grinning and already charmed with the female. Why? Did seeing her terror with a gun pointed at her provide him any joy?

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