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Dr. Yasmin Rashid: Is She Alive or Dead? Death Hoax Disproved

Is Dr. Yasmin Rashid still alive? Death Isn’t a Hoax:

There is a trend on social media to spread false information on the internet. Nobody knows where these people come from or what their motivation is for spreading false information through the media. They don’t get anything in return for it, and they don’t get any money. They’re only doing it to make them feel better. The news was that Dr. Yasmin Rashid, a senior leader of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) and Provincial Health Minister, had died of cancer.

This false information has spread across the internet. According to reports, this fake news has gone viral on the internet, and many people, particularly in Pakistan, are taking it seriously.

Is Dr. Yasmin Rashid still alive?

The Provincial Health Minister spoke out in an interview with Lahore News about this serious issue. She stated that she was in excellent health. Her health was also in decent shape. I’m currently employed in the office. Those who spread false information in my name will be arrested and sentenced as soon as possible.

When this information was shared on social media, she was outraged. People don’t even check where they’re getting their information. They simply noticed it in any post and began reacting to it. People were so naive that they didn’t even bother to clarify the situation. When used properly, social media can be beneficial. It will be harmful to others otherwise. In this regard, she responds and expresses herself on social media. Whoever spreads false information about me will find me in prison sooner or later.

The Death Hoax of Dr. Yasmin Rashid Has Been Debunked

In response to the widespread reports of her death, the Health Minister took to Twitter to express her gratitude for everyone’s prayers and concern. Alhamdolillah, I am in good health and very much alive. Any other news is simply false. Aside from that, there was a rumour about her that circulated on the internet earlier. According to rumours, Yashmeen had been infected with Corona twice during the pandemic. Later, it was discovered that the news was false. During the corona period, she was perfectly fine. These types of rumours spread quickly, making it difficult to locate the victim.

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