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Dr Ayesha Saif khan – Age, Family, Husband, Height, Net Worth

The daughter of Pakistani politician and businessman Saif ur Rehman is Ayesha Saif Khan. Junaid Safdar, the son of politician Maryam Nawaz, was previously married to Ayesha Saif Khan. Let’s look at some information about Ayesha Saif Khan’s family, including her father, husband, sister, and Wikipedia information.

Dr Ayesha Saif Khan – Age

Ayesha Saif Khan is a 28-year-old woman. Her birthday is May 18, 1995.

Dr Ayesha Saif Khan – Family, Husband

Ayesha Saif Khan‘s father is Saif ur Rehman, a former politician and businessman from Pakistan. His father is one of Pakistan’s wealthiest and most successful businessmen. controls the Redco Group of Industries at the moment and is based in Qatar.

The families of Ayesha Saif and Rehman reside in Qatar. Her sister is younger.

In 2021, Ayesha Saif Khan wed Junaid Safdar, the Nawaz Sharif family’s grandson, in London. They were married in a lavish Pakistani ceremony. Ayesha Saif Khan and Junaid Safdar made their divorce public in 2023.

Ayesha Saif Professional

The director of Redco Group of Industries in Qatar at the moment is Ayesha Saif Khan. After her marriage, she relocated to Pakistan. But after some time, she went back to Qatar. After Junaid Safdar, Ayesha became very well-known.

Dr Ayesha Saif Khan – Height

Horoscope: Taurus
Weight: 55 Kg
Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Ayesha Saif’s online handles

Social media platforms are not what Ayesha Saif Khan is.

Dr Ayesha Saif Khan – Net Worth

update soon

Ayesha Saif Khan’s Frequently Asked Questions

Ayesha Saif Khan Wiki?

The renowned politician’s full name is Ayesha Saif Khan. She is well-known for being a model. She also graduated.

Age of Ayesha Saif Khan?

She turned 28 years old on May 18, 1995. Taurus is the sign of her horoscope.

Ayesha Saif Khan Body, Height, and Weight?

She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 55 kg.

Place of Birth of Ayesha Saif Khan?

Pakistan’s Karachi is the place of Ayesha Saif Khan’s birth.

Nationality of Ayesha Saif Khan?

She is of Pakistani descent.

Residence of Ayesha Saif Khan?

In Qatar, Ayesha Saif Khan resides.

Ayesha Saif Khan’s Religion?

Islam is her religion.

Families of Ayesha Saif?

The offspring of Saif ur Rehman Khan is Ayesha Saif Khan.

Married to Ayesha Saif Khan?

Junaid Safdar and she got married.

Junaid Safdar announces divorce with wife Ayesha Saif?

addressing rumors about his news. On social media, Junaid posted, “News about my divorce is true,” Safdar stated in an Instagram story on Thursday night. I kindly ask the media to respect our privacy as this is a completely private matter.

Junaid continued, “I will speak no further on this matter, I wish her well,” before adding that he hoped for peace.

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