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Does Urfi Javed break hearts? Her Most Recent Video Speaks for Itself.

Urfi Javed: This Social Media Trend will Break Your Heart! We are not discussing her former relationship with Paras Kalnawat or anything associated with it. But her most recent appearance says it all. Recently, Urfi was spotted sporting a funny top that not only had a heart shape but was also cut in half, giving it the appearance of a broken heart. The top was worn with a short skirt in the color red. And this might be one of her most distinctive looks to date.

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regarding Urfi’s attire

This time, Urfi turned all red and had an emoji-broken-heart look.
The top had no back and was adjusted with silver chains. She also wore her makeup bare and flaunted a half ponytail. additionally wore white scandals, which nicely balanced the red clothing and finished the look.

The fact that the two red pieces were connected with silver chains, as she is known for experimenting, made the look even more distinctive.

In the meantime, some online users mocked her for this appearance and dubbed her shameless. Some people didn’t like the heart-shaped top’s heart-shaped cut, which had no back and was only supported by chains. Users criticized her once more and demanded a more covered-up top.
The social media sensation, however, doesn’t seem to give a damn and keeps on innovating!

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