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DJ ISA Video & Pics Lea*ked & Viral on Twitter, Reddit

The relationship between a father and his daughter is unique. A father is always a superhero to a daughter, protecting her from all evil, but imagine the pain of a daughter whose father attac*ked her! It’s shocking, but a video of a father watching and attac*king his daughter is currently trending on the internet and circulating. Her father decided to apologise to her on a public platform after the video received a lot of backlash and comments. According to recent reports, legendary DJ Choc (the Amapian singer’s father) realised his error.

DJ Isa’s Video Has Been Lea*ked

And after his viral video went viral, she apologised to her daughter. He was seen attac*king his daughter in the viral video, according to him. The legendary DJ took to Instagram and posted a statement explaining that the video was intended to be sent to family members rather than shared on social media platforms. “As per my daughter’s request, I filmed this video and shared it with family members to express my dissatisfaction with Ms. Du’s alleged childhood stories,” he wrote. All of her claims were false, incorrect, and unfounded.

Dj Isa: Who Is He? Real Name & Instagram

In the viral video, Dj Choc chastises his daughter Ms. Du for claiming she has been poor since she was a child. “What is my daughter doing now?” he continued. She is lying; she was not raised in poverty; I provided for all of her needs. Instead of thanking me, she boasts about how poor she was raised. Her claims have left me very disappointed. He went on to say that his goal in making the statement was to clarify his daughter’s historical development and that she was not raised in poverty and met all of her requirements.

Pics & Video Viral from DJ Isa’s Video Vazados Pack

My goal was not to cause harm or get involved in the social media drama; instead, I wanted to clarify the situation. Though I acknowledge that I could have handled it and managed it better, and I apologise for that. Ms. Du, on the other hand, claimed that her post was taken out of context. “I was suffering from depression in the year 2021,” she explained. I had lost everything and was unable to return home. I’d rather not bother him. Someone misinterpreted my message; stay tuned for more information.

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