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Disha Patani look shocking wearing in transparent

Disha Patani, one of Bollywood’s most gorgeous actresses, is loved in every outfit she wears. She is now wearing a revealing top at the Mumbai airport. During this time, a video has gone viral on the internet.

Disha Patani, a Bollywood actress, is often in the news for her fashion sense. Her every expression is admired. A video of Disha has surfaced in which she once again wowed fans with her appearance. In a white transparent top, Disha is spreading havoc.

Wearing a transparent top causes an increase in heart rate.

Disha Patani can be seen in the footage wearing a white dress at the Mumbai airport. She is dressed in a white crop top. She wore it with jogging pants. Disha is seen wearing a jacket around her waist with this. She’s wearing sneakers that are the same colour as her. The video has a lot of likes and shares.

In a bikini, she flaunted her killer figure.

Disha Patani recently published two photos on her Instagram account in which she was seen wearing a bikini. In front of the mirror, she flaunted her flawless form, which she thought was rather attractive. Disha’s photographs were well-received.

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