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Diana Di Meo, an Italian soccer referee, discusses released nud*e pictures.

Diana Di Meo, an Italian soccer referee, has been ‘locked up at home’ after her obscene images and videos were released online.

A 22-year-old Italian soccer referee from Pescara has been staying at home after her phone was stolen and pornographic photographs and videos were uploaded on WhatsApp and Instagram. “I’ve been shut up at home for two days, weeping and puking up,” Di Meo told police.

Di Meo released a video on Instagram explaining her circumstances. “Someone must have managed to get into my mobile phone,” she said in the video.

“Otherwise, I have no idea how they were taken. I have filed a complaint and the authorities will take care of everything. I thank all the boys and girls who are writing to me from all over Italy,” Di Meo said.

Di Meo further said that she hopes to be a voice that inspires other victims to come forward, and does not wish her entanglement on others. “It is a situation that I do not wish on anyone, I am trying to resist but not everyone succeeds,” she said.

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