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Deep Sidhu’s girlfriend, Reena Rai?

Deep Sidhu’s girlfriend Reena Rai drew the attention of netizens shortly after his death was announced.

Deep Sidhu, a Punjabi actor turned activist, was killed in a horrific traffic accident on February 15, 2022.

According to accounts, he was accompanied by his girlfriend Reena Rai at the time of the terrible accident.

The 37-year-old actor was reportedly travelling from Delhi to Punjab when the event occurred at the Pipli toll plaza in Kharkhoda.

Deep’s Scorpio automobile collided with a truck on the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal motorway in Haryana’s Sonipat region.

According to the authorities, Deep Sidhu suffered major head injuries in the crash.

Reena Rai was on the car’s left side, which was not severely damaged.

Following the crash, the airbag on Reena’s side deployed promptly, saving her life.

According to a police officer, “a female acquaintance accompanying him was brought to a hospital where her health was stable.”

Images of Deep and his fiancée went popular on social media shortly after the news of his death broke.

Reena had uploaded a picture with Deep on her Instagram Story the day before his death, as they spent Valentine’s Day together.

Reena Rai is a model and actress from the United States, according to sources.

She was also Deep Sidhu’s co-star in the Punjabi film Rang Panjab. Reena also said that her future film, Desi, will star the late actor.
Deep took to Instagram in 2021 to confess his feelings for Reena.

Posting a lovely photo, the late star wrote:

“You stood by when the entire world was against me, defended me, kept my respect, gave me strength, prayed for my cause and freedom, but what truly struck my heart and soul was when you halted your life for me.”

“Your presence means a lot to me; your love and support are beyond words.”

“You are above my words, and I honestly feel privileged to have a soul like you in my life; all I can say is I adore you.”

After learning of the actor’s death, Reena turned to Instagram and posted a series of photographs along with an emotional letter.

The model and actress wrote:

“I’m broken, I’m dead within; please return to your soulmate, whom you swore would never abandon me in this lifetime.”

“I adore you, my Jaan, my soul mate, you are my heartbeat.” We were making plans for our future together, and now you’re gone.

“Soulmates never part ways, and I’ll see you on the other side, Jaan.”

Deep Sidhu was detained after being suspected of conspiring to raise a Sikh flag at the Red Fort on Republic Day.

Police alleged he wanted to “cause mayhem and disregard our national flag” after his arrest in February 2021.

It also informed a Delhi court that Deep was “the principal rioter and instigator” of the Red Fort event, and that he was seen in a video with “swords, clubs, and flags.”

The judge, on the other hand, had given him bail in the case, stating that the prosecution had intended to make an example of him since he was well-known.


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