Dania Shah’s latest TikTok video has finally gone viral on Twitter.

While the future of Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s marriage with his third wife Dania Malik remains uncertain, the latter has stated that there is no chance of reconciliation.

Dania, 18, has shared a new TikTok video on her social media account in which she is seen working and doing chores. Her caption, on the other hand, expresses her gratitude for reclaiming her joy.

While it is unclear what Dania is talking to, it appears she is discreetly hinting at her firm decision to divorce Liaquat, which she intends to stick to now that she is in a good place. After her unsuccessful marriage, the young woman has begun a new era of her life.

“Hyee mera Allah Mujha meri khushi da di ma bhot khush ho”,

captioned Malik.


Dania’s Instagram account has also been updated to remove Aamir Liaquat’s name, and she is now known as Dania Malik.

Dania was introduced as a Syeda by Aamir in February 2022, when they announced their marriage. Dania, on the other hand, has disclosed that she comes from a Malik family, not a Syed one.

Before ‘forever leaving Pakistan,’ Aamir had recorded an emotional video message. He made some startling discoveries and answered all allegations with tears in his eyes.

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