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Dania Shah has broken up with Aamir Liaquat Hussain.

On social media, news of Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s separation from his wife Dania Shah, who was elected to the National Assembly on a PTI ticket, has gone viral. According to social media users, the couple is no longer together.

Aamir Liaquat Hussain, a politician and television personality, recently married Syeda Dania Shah, a teenager, for the third time. He announced it on his social media accounts.

“Last night, I tied the knot with Syeda Dania Shah, 18, who is from the honourable Najeeb ut Tarfain “Sadaat” Family of Lodhran, South Punjab, and is saraiki lovely, charming, simple, and darling. I’d like to ask all of my well-wishers to pray for us; I’ve just passed through a dark tunnel and made a wrong turn,” he wrote in the post.

The news arrived just one day after his second wife, Tuba Anwar, announced their divorce.

“After a 14-month separation, it was clear that there was no hope of reconciliation, and I had to opt to take Khullah from Court,” Tuba wrote on Instagram.

Now, in a shocking turn of events, Aamir has unfollowed Dania on social media, leaving netizens perplexed as to whether the couple has broken up after only two months of marriage.

Dania has also deleted all of his photos and videos. She unfollowed him as well, but returned later.

Celebrities from the local entertainment industry expressed their opinions on social media at the time of his wedding announcement.

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