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Conflict in Ukraine: Kyiv prepares for a Russian invasion

The sound of gunshots reverberated around Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, as Russian tanks were videotaped for the first time entering the city.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has urged residents in the northern suburbs, where the tanks were spotted, to construct fire bombs in order to “neutralise the enemy.”

New sanctions on Vladimir Putin’s personal assets in Europe have been declared by the European Union.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Kremlin claims that it is ready for negotiations with Ukraine.

Dmitry Peskov, Ukraine’s spokesman, said negotiations would have to focus on the country adopting “neutral status,” which would involve “demilitarisation.” Russia wants Ukraine to rule out joining NATO in the future.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has frequently asked for discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but has shown no evidence of agreeing to talks based on “demilitarisation.”

Blasts rocked Kyiv overnight, destroying at least one block of apartments and injuring a number of citizens.

Russia has denied that it has carried out any attacks.

According to the Reuters news agency, a source in Russia’s defence ministry confirmed a jet shot down over Kyiv was Ukrainian. Ukraine has confirmed that the plane was Russian.

Moscow, which is invading Kyiv from the east, north, and south, looked to have Kyiv firmly in its sights as the second day of action began. “The adversary” is attempting to bring Kyiv “to its knees,” according to Mayor Vitali Klitschko.

On Friday afternoon, Russia’s defence ministry declared that it had taken the Antonov airport from Ukraine, employing 200 helicopters and a landing force. Russia was assembling a “overwhelming force” to seize control of the city, according to Western intelligence officials.

According to Reuters, residents in the northern Obolon area have been advised to stay at home in order to avoid “active military activities” by local officials. Obolon appears to be the same location where tanks were spotted earlier in the day.

On its Facebook page, the Ministry of Defence had previously urged inhabitants of the neighbourhood to “tell us of military movements, manufacture Molotov cocktails [firebombs], and neutralise the enemy.”

Families sought refuge in Kyiv’s metro stations overnight as aerial assaults hit the city, particularly the heavily populated Pozniake district, hurting at least eight people.

One Kyiv resident told the BBC’s Nick Beake, “We want to see Putin butchered like an animal.”

“How can we deal with it in our time?” As she picked up shattered glass following one explosion, Oxana Gulenko asked Reuters. “What are our options? Putin, along with his entire family, should be roasted in hell.”

Breaking News: Kyiv braces for battle as Russian troops entered the capital


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