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Civilians in Ukraine can ‘freely’ leave Kyiv, according to Russian army

As the Russian invasion reached its fifth day, the Russian army stated Ukrainian residents could “freely” leave the country’s capital, Kyiv, and claimed its airforce dominated Ukraine’s skies.

“All civilians in the city are free to go along the Kyiv-Vasylkiv route to escape the Ukrainian capital.” In televised remarks, Russian defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said, “This direction is open and safe.”

Vasylkiv is a city in Ukraine located southwest of Kyiv.

Konashenkov suggested that Russia was planning to attack Kyiv’s civilian neighbourhoods, accusing Ukrainian military of using citizens as human shields.

He claims that civilians are being exploited to shield “nationalists, who have stationed artillery detachments and military equipment in residential areas,” citing Ukraine’s suggestion to Kyiv residents to stay at home and follow a midnight curfew.

He went on to say that “gangs of looters, robbers, and nationalists who have obtained guns” from the authorities have taken over Kyiv.

Konashenkov said that Russia’s aircraft has superior air power over the “entire region of Ukraine,” citing Moscow’s military achievements.

Russian troops have taken control of the port city of Berdyansk and the city of Energodar, which has a big nuclear power plant, in Ukraine’s southeast, according to Konashenkov.

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