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Chelsea Poorman’s Body Found At Her Vancouver Home After Going Missing, Family, Age

A case from the year 2020 has now been reopened because the missing person has been found. Chelsea Poorman went missing over two years ago, and now her body has been discovered in an empty house. The body was discovered on April 22nd of this year. Chelsea vanished after leaving her house party, and her sister was the last person to see her. After two years of being unable to contact her, her family members filed a missing persons report. The officers hoped Chelsea was still alive, but when they learned she had died, they were devastated and expressed their condolences to her family.

According to police, Chelsea’s body was discovered in an empty house in Vancouver. Workers discovered the body after the space was emptied for construction purposes.

Chelsea Poorman: Who Was She?

Granville Street and West 37th Avenue were the locations of the discovery. Investigations were conducted on the spot, and it was discovered that Chelsea died at the same time she was discovered dead. However, because the location had been vacant for years, the body was not discovered until now. When the work was resumed, the body was discovered and immediately reported. According to police, the body was discovered in the backyard, and the greenery was overgrown, which could explain why the body was not discovered. Chelsea was a cheerful and loving young lady who adored her family and friends.

Chelsea Poorman’s body was discovered in Vancouver.

When she went missing, her mother and friends started a campaign to find her because she didn’t trust the police investigation. It’s also been reported that she hired a private investigator to find her daughter. According to sources, her mother had a brain injury that caused her to behave in this manner. According to her mother, the police officials refused to release any information about her disappearance even after 10 days, so she took matters into her own hands.

Chelsea Poorman’s Wikipedia page and biography

However, police later issued a public notice asking for people’s assistance and instructing them to report if they find her anywhere in any condition. Her sister described her as the sweetest person, full of joy, soul, and wit. Police did everything they could to find her alive, but they were also concerned for her safety due to her sudden disappearance. According to sources, her body had nothing to look after or investigate, so no evidence of what happened exists.

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