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Chef Pii: Who Is He? Viral Tiktok Star Pink Sauce Sparked a Viral Food Safety Debate

In June, Veronica Shaw, also known as chef Pii, posted a video online. The chef can be seen in the video using a “pink sauce” with the label FICTITIOUS NUTRITION. Here, she was observed using that sauce in one of her dishes without receiving FDA approval and whose video recipe was posted. She flavoured her fried chicken with that pink sauce. People were interested in the video clip because they wanted to know what that pink substance was and what it tasted like. Later, she admitted that the pink sauce she used and made was another of her inventions. She also expressed her intense excitement in response to the online community’s interest in her pink sauce.

The majority of the audience was more interested in the sales and consumption of this pink sauce because it is a very distinctive sauce to hear and taste as well. After receiving some feedback, chef PII also added that the sauce was only intended to be sold for a short period of time—20 days, maybe—and that it was still undergoing taste, texture, nutritional value, and other evaluations. Some audience members and members of her fan club even disapproved of the stunt she pulled because she did it on purpose to boost her visibility and attract attention from the general public.

Chef Pii’s Trending Pink Sauce Sparks Food Safety Discussion

She doesn’t give a damn about the nutritional value of her food in order to become more well-known for her ability to make a variety of sauces that people have described as divine. The FDA has not approved the sauce for mass production and has not yet recognised it either, which is how the whole incident got started after her video of her sipping the same pink sauce that she used on her fried chicken went viral on tiktok. This incident demonstrated the conflicting attitudes of the audience, with one side thrilled by the chef’s new creative invention and the other concerned about the lack of nutritional value of the food substance in that sauce.

Speaking of this one other incident, it involves a tiktoker and a video he posted himself in which he criticised these experiments involving edible materials and noted that they were among the most repulsive methods of gaining popularity. He talked about how a woman had rashly attempted to blend bubblegum and buttermilk for the purpose of posting it online. The audience was then repeatedly questioned about supporting small businesses by the same woman. How are people supposed to support those people is nothing but irony.

Who is simply mocking food and other consumables to appear cool on social media platforms? But if we look more closely at these incidents, we can see that posting and sharing such innovative ideas on various social media platforms has happened before. One of the earlier incidents involved a woman who sold her farts to some people online for millions of dollars, and they bought it. People will go to this level of absurdity in order to garner media attention and likes on social media.

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