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Cheese Cake – Story, Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Howto Watch

Discover Cheese Cake Web Series with Cast, Release Date, and Trailer

to be streamed on the popular OTT platform Ullu starting from January 30, 2024. This romantic fantasy series features the talented Pooja Singh Rajput in the lead role, directed by Fahad Kashmiri, and produced by Ullu.

Plot Summary

The story revolves around a unique and intoxicating love that captivates the heart. The protagonist expresses their singular devotion, describing an addiction and an inexplicable restraint experienced in the realm of love. Despite the uncertainties and challenges, the heart remains intoxicated by the object of affection. The series unfolds as a journey through the complexities of love, blending elements of romance and fantasy.

Cast and Crew

Pooja Singh Rajput takes on the central role, bringing her talent and charisma to breathe life into the character. Directed by Fahad Kashmiri, known for his adept storytelling and visual finesse, the series promises an engaging narrative. Produced by Ullu, the team has a track record of delivering content that resonates with the audience.

Cheese Cake Story, Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Watch Guide

Cheese Cake Story, Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Watch Guide

Episodes and Genre

“Cheese Cake” consists of four episodes, each promising to unravel a different facet of the intricate love story. The series is set to explore the realms of romance and fantasy, blending emotions and imagination to create a unique viewing experience.

Release and Language

Scheduled for release on January 30, 2024, the series will be available exclusively on the Ullu OTT platform. The language of the series is Hindi, making it accessible to a wide audience across the country.

Trailer Impressions

The official trailer of “Cheese Cake” provides a glimpse into the visually stunning world created by the talented director Fahad Kashmiri. Pooja Singh Rajput’s emotive performance is showcased, hinting at the intense and passionate storyline. The trailer is filled with moments that suggest a rollercoaster of emotions, promising viewers an immersive experience.


The series is certified as ‘A,’ indicating that it is intended for adult audiences. This suggests that “Cheese Cake” may contain mature content, adding an element of intrigue for those who appreciate a more mature and nuanced storytelling approach.

In conclusion, “Cheese Cake” is poised to be a compelling addition to the world of romantic fantasy series. With a talented cast, experienced crew, and the backing of Ullu, the series holds the promise of delivering an enthralling and unforgettable viewing experience. As the release date approaches, anticipation is high, and viewers are eager to immerse themselves in the intoxicating world of “Cheese Cake.”


Q1: When does the “Cheese Cake Web Series” release?

A1: The “Cheese Cake Web Series” is set to release on January 30, 2024.

Q2: How many episodes does the web series have?

A2: The web series comprises four episodes.

Q3: What genre does the “Cheese Cake Web Series” fall under?

A3: The “Cheese Cake Web Series” belongs to the Romance and Fantasy genres.

Q4: Who is the lead actress in the web series?

A4: Pooja Singh Rajput takes on the lead role in the “Cheese Cake Web Series.”

Q5: Who directed the “Cheese Cake Web Series”?

A5: The web series is directed by Fahad Kashmiri.

Q6: Which OTT platform will stream the “Cheese Cake Web Series”?

A6: The series will be available exclusively on the Ullu OTT platform.

Q7: What language is the “Cheese Cake Web Series” available in?

A7: The “Cheese Cake Web Series” is presented in Hindi.

Q8: What is the certification for the “Cheese Cake Web Series”?

A8: The series is certified as ‘A,’ indicating it is intended for adult audiences.

Q9: What is the production company behind the “Cheese Cake Web Series”?

A9: Ullu is the production company for the web series.

Q10: How would you describe the genre blend of the “Cheese Cake Web Series”?

A10: The “Cheese Cake Web Series” seamlessly blends romance and fantasy to create a captivating narrative.

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