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Check Viral Video: Is This a Real or Fake Ukrainian Ace Pilot Story?

The current conflict between Ukraine and Russia has captivated the world’s attention. Everyone is concerned about the innocent lives that will be taken in this horrible conflict, leaving the countries with nothing but dead bodies. Several hashtags related to the topic are trending on social media.

In the midst of all of this, a Ukrainian ace pilot has made headlines for his amazing narrative. There have been reports of a strange MiG-29 fighter flying over Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, to defend the country’s airspace from Russian aerial attacks. “Ghost of Kyiv” is the title of the pilot.

Various clips of the Ukrainian jet pilot have been posted on social media, with the pilot being referred to as the “Ghost of Kyiv.” The pilot has become a big issue since the recordings went viral. There are reports that the pilot shot down six Russian planes. The internet has been flooded with videos of the same scenario. The pilot has been dubbed the “first European ace since World War II” by many users.

For those unfamiliar with the term, an ace is a pilot who has shot down five or more planes in combat. Visegrad 24, a Twitter account, shared the video, which has received over 8 million views. According to the user, the pilot is known as “Ghost of Kyiv” and shot down six Russian planes on Friday. He went on to say that the pilot is now the first fighter ace of the twenty-first century. According to another tweet, the pilot shot down two Russian Su-35s, one MiG-29, and two Su-25s.

Not just netizens, but also Ukraine’s previous president, Petro Poroshenko, addressed the issue on Twitter. Poroshenko said beside a photo of the pilot that he terrorises adversaries and instils pride in Ukrainians, adding that he had six victories over Russian pilots. With such great defenders, the former president continued to write, the country will undoubtedly win. The pilot’s identity, however, has yet to be revealed.

Poroshenko’s post appeared to be an attempt to raise public morale. It has been shown that the films circulating on the internet purporting to be of the pilot are false. Comrade Corb originally posted the video to YouTube. The footage is from DCS and has nothing to do with the Ghost of Kyiv, according to the user. Despite this, after seizing control of the Chernobyl nuclear power facility, Russian troops are closing in on Kyiv.

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