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Charmsukh Majboori Web Series On ULLU Full HD Episode

Web Series by Charmsukh Majboori on ULLU: The majority of movies today are released on OTT platforms. The popularity of web series has grown ever since the advent of digital platforms. These days, the most crucial parts of web series are the daring and private moments. Today, we’ll discuss ULLU’s most daring web series, “Charmsukh Majboori.”


The focus of the series is Rehman, who is both wealthy and divorced. Another character is Sayama, who is still single and is married to Rehman by her mother. Then, Rehman and Sayama get married, but Rehman develops feelings for Zara, his sister-in-law. Rehman asks his wife Sayama to call Zara after the wedding. Later, Zara visits Sayama at his home. Rehman unexpectedly entered Zara’s room one day while she was sleeping. Watch this series to find out what happens next.


In Priya Gamre All Limits were exceeded

The bold and private scenes in this series are numerous. Director Manmeet Singh Sodhi is in charge of the show. In this web series, the lead roles are played by Priya Gamre, Neha Gupta, Manish Mishra, Sangeeta Balachandra, Ajay Patel, Bhanu Suryam Thakur, and Roshni Ahuja. When it came to intimacy, Priya Gamre pushed the envelope and provided scenes that were ferociously private.

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