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Chandigarh University MMS: A video of 60 female students from the university’s hostels taking a bath goes viral.

Late on Saturday night, there was a loud uproar at Chandigarh University in Mohali, Punjab. It is alleged that a female student recorded 60 hostel inmates bathing, then sent the video to a young man. By posting it online, that young man from Shimla made this video popular.

Eight of the female students who live in the hostel have made suicide attempts since this video went viral. One of them is seriously injured.

The accused college student has been detained.

According to sources, the accused student had a long history of filming women while they bathed. When the hostel’s female residents learned about this, they complained to the management. According to the students, the management did nothing to address the situation.

The police denied filming a female student in the Chandigarh prostitution video viral, but according to Bhaskar, the girl allegedly rap*ed several schoolgirls while filming other prostitution videos with a man she knew.

You admit to sharing it with others. According to Dainik Bhaskar, the accused student admitted to making a number of videos for the hostel manager. The FIR was cited in the report, which stated that on Saturday around 3 pm, a group of female students approached the hostel manager. They informed him that a girl was filming six female students in the restroom in lewd ways. Rajwinder Kaur, the hostel’s manager, kept asking the girl questions.

The hostel manager was made aware of the incident in the interim and instructed the girls to assemble immediately. The accused student was asked if he had recorded and broadcast during this meeting, a question he vehemently denied. The investigation into the defendant’s phone turned up with no videos. Because the defendant kept getting calls and messages from someone throughout the incident, charges were increased.

Video Girlfriend At Chandigarh Hostel Center

The manager asked the defendant to pick up and turn on the loudspeaker when the phone rang. The caller then requested that the respondent send him or her screenshots of their chats. The video was sent to the person, and he later admitted it, after the caller sent screenshots of the chat. Later, the respondent asserted that he produced these films and sent them to Sunny, a friend of his in Shimla. The manager informed the police after receiving this confirmation.

The assertion made by Mohali SSP that only one video was shot has come under scrutiny. Recent claims that female students at Chandigarh University had viral footage of them taking showers were denied by the Mohali SSP.

Chandigarh College Reality Viral Video

The alleged MMS viral of female college students at Chandigarh University has become a very serious issue. Students from colleges protested on Saturday night. They claim that numerous woman college students’ offensive movies have been viral. There have been reports in the media about female college students who attempted suicide. However, the Mohali police asserted that no students had attempted suicide, citing medical information.


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