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Chandigarh University in Punjab’s MMS Scandal: Are the Hostel Girls Video’s Victims Dead or Alive?

At Chandigarh College, monstrous chaos has been heard amid the hole of hostlers’ personal recordings. According to the source, a young girl has been accused of posting pictures of Chandigarh College’s young women on adult websites. The consequences of this act are currently absolutely terrible. 8 young women have attempted suicide as a result of their private video leak. Additionally, according to the most recent reports, 2 out of every 8 young women who attempted suicide have perished. One young woman is still being treated at a clinic for her unsound condition in the interim.

Chandigarh University MMS Scan*dal in Punjab

Initially, SSP Mohali Vivek Soni stated that no young lady was believed to be deceased; however, it has since been confirmed that two Chandigarh College students have passed away after taking their own lives. The interruption of their bathroom video serves as justification for their self-destruction. However, the College organization is preventing young women from succumbing to death. We have confirmed the deaths of two young women, though. Take a closer look at the news by lowering your gaze to the screen.


A massive uprising has broken out in Punjab as a result of the 8 attempts at self-destruction, of which two have been deemed unsuccessful. The Punjab MMS outrage is currently making headlines on all new stages. It is crushing to learn that 60 Chandigarh College students have perished as a result of the Punjab MMS incident. Read about the charge by scrolling down the page.

According to reports, Punjab police have apprehended a young woman who is accused of secretly recording young women using the restroom and posting the recordings on an adult website. As the examination is ongoing, the specialists have not yet revealed the identity of the person who is to blame.

The schooling clergyman, Harjot Singh Bains, stated that the incident was being looked into. He wrote on Twitter, “I submissively demand all Chandigarh College students to try to avoid panicking, nobody blameworthy will be saved. It’s a very delicate subject that relates to our sisters’ and girls’ poise. It is also a test of the general public right now, so we as a whole, including the media, should be very careful.

The accused is currently the subject of an investigation, and an FIR led to her being detained. An enormous number of students are fighting on campus in the midst of the disclosure of young girls’ private recordings.

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